Residency School AGREEMENT FORM

Nashville Ballet is very excited to have Glengarry Elementary, Inglewood Elementary, Park Avenue Elementary, Smithson Craighead Elementary and Una Elementary as residency schools in our Community Engagement program for the 2019-2020 performance season.

All Residency Schools must complete the Residency School Agreement Form below. The requirements in the agreement are minimal and go a long way in helping us improve our Community Engagement program and secure funding.

Please direct any questions to Briona Richardson, Community Engagement Manager, at or (615) 297-2966 x111.

2019-2020 Residency School Program Options

After submitting the Residency School Agreement Form, schools should complete the Residency School Program Schedule Form to arrange programming for the 2019-2020 school year.

One (1) Children's Ballet Performance

This hour long performance is for the entire school to enjoy. The program consists of one of our narrated children's ballets (30 minutes) and an interactive session with the children and dancers (20 minutes).

Carnival of the Animals (K- 4th Grade)
The Lion, King of the Beasts, cannot understand why everyone isn’t exactly like him. If he’s the King he must be the best so of course all the other animals should change. A wise and patient Bird teaches the arrogant Lion to appreciate the beauty in each animal’s unique qualities. Follow the Lion as he journeys through this wild jungle full of whimsical characters. It’s a joyous celebration when the Lion learns that we are basically all the same on the inside but it’s our differences that make life interesting.

Three (3) Ballet Storytimes

This program is for kindergarten - 2nd grade students. Each grade level will be visited by a Teaching Artist and learn about dance as a means of communication. Through the art of storytelling, classical pantomime, music and movement the children will experience every aspect of one of ballet’s classic stories. This program has an interactive component that allows students to join the Teaching Artist as he/she guides them through a series of movement.

Little Cloud Storytime with Teaching Artist (Kindergarten)
Based on the book "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle, this program introduces students to the joy and boundless possibilities of movement. Guided by a Teaching Artist, students will learn how to create shapes and carve out space with their bodies.

HONK! The Story of a Prima Swanerina Storytime with Teaching Artist (1st Grade)
Based on the light-hearted children’s book of the same name by Pamela Duncan Edwards, this interactive story engages all ages with a humorous tale about a ballet smitten swan who has an unexpected moment to shine onstage with a group of prima ballerinas, who, in Mimi's mind, are simply pretending to be her!

Nashville's Nutcracker Storytime with Teaching Artist (2nd Grade; Available in November)
Nashville's own version of this timeless holiday classic tells the tale of Clara, a young girl who travels on a fantastic journey with the help of her magical Uncle Drosselmeyer. This special holiday tradition introduces young audiences to Nashville Ballet's unique version of the traditional story by taking them on a short trip through the Land of the Sweets.

Dance! (3rd Grade)

Based on the book "Dance!" by Bill T. Jones and Susan Kuklin, this program introduces students to the joy and boundless possibilities of movement. Dancers teach students how to create shapes and carve out space with their bodies.

RESILIENCY! (4th Grade)

A Nashville Ballet teaching artist combines the athleticism of ballet and basketball to teach 4th grade students the importance of resiliency on stage and in everyday life. Students will be taught a sequence of basketball inspired steps and discuss the importance of respect, teamwork and getting in the game.

Literacy Celebration

To promote a love of reading Nashville Ballet will supply guest readers from our organization to all residency schools that request a reader during your reading celebration. This will give children an opportunity to meet the non-dancing staff of Nashville Ballet and learn about their jobs.

Audition for the School of Nashville Ballet

At the end of each school year students from our Residency Schools are given the opportunity to audition for full or partial scholarship into the School of Nashville Ballet.

Nashville Ballet Community Engagement would not be possible without the support of our funders. The following individuals and corporations share a vested interest in children, education and what the arts can do for both. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the funders of Nashville Ballet Community Engagement: