about Studio Division

Same exceptional training, more flexible schedule. 

Our Studio Division allows young dance enthusiasts to train with our professional instructors at their own pace. Students can explore a variety of dance styles, including ballet, jazz and musical theater.

Studio Division is the perfect fit for brand new dancers or those with previous training. Flexible class schedules allow students to explore other extracurricular activities. Dance can even contribute to success on the soccer field or in the classroom.

Try a new dance style each semester!

Fall Semester Classes: August 22 – December 17, 2016
Spring Semester Classes: January 16 – May 6, 2017

School of Nashville Ballet is currently enrolling for Spring 2017. Select a program schedule below to enroll online. For assistance, please contact School of Nashville Ballet at (615) 297-2966 x203 or school@nashvilleballet.com.


Following the same curriculum as the beginning levels in our Academy Division, students progress through Studio Division and receive the tools to graduate and take classical ballet anywhere in the country. Students develop ballet technique and artistry as well as self-confidence, self-expression and a love for the art form.


Learn rhythm, coordination and “all that jazz” while dancing to today’s popular music. These classes offer a great opportunity for ballet dancers to enhance their movement style, let loose and just have fun. Classes are tailored to specific age groups and offer a chance to explore jazz elements and Fosse-inspired moves as well as high-energy, fast-paced movement.


teen intermediate ballet - ages 12+


This class is designed specifically for the older beginner dancer. Students will learn the essential elements of ballet at a pace that is appropriate for this age group’s maturity and physicality.

For our older teen students who have completed the Teen Beginner Ballet class, we offer a course tailored to their abilities. Students will expand upon the fundamentals learned in Teen Beginner Ballet and will continue to develop their technique, musicality and artistry.



Hip Hop - Age 10+

Learn the choreography from your favorite Broadway shows. Plus, find out how to channel the personas of some of Broadway’s most notable characters. This class is perfect for students looking to master their role in the school play, develop their stage presence and become more comfortable combining movement with acting. 

Express yourself as you learn energetic, challenging movement in an inspired atmosphere. Students’ hearts will be pumping to exciting choreography and rhythmic music designed to tap into their creative, expressive sides.


Ballet I, II & III, Teen Beginner Ballet & Teen Intermediate Ballet:

Footwear for Gentlemen & Ladies:

  • Bloch Dansoft full sole ballet shoes in pink (ladies) or white (gentlemen)


  • White fitted T-shirt (no logos)
  • Black convertible tights
  • White socks

Ladies: Ballet I, II & III

  • Mirella M207LD (adult nylon) or M207CD (child nylon) periwinkle leotard
  • Body Wrappers tights A45 (adult) or C45 (child) in Theatrical Pink

Ladies: Teen Beginner Ballet & Teen Intermediate Ballet

  • Any style black leotard, simple
  • Pink ballet tights; we recommend Body Wrappers tights A45 (adult) or C45 (child) in theatrical pink

Jr. Jazz, Jazz I and Musical Theater

  • Black jazz slip-on shoes, no lace
  • Any color or combination of leotard or form-fitting with jazz pants

In the tradition of classical ballet and in encouragement of each dancer's positive self-image, we strive to have a clean, uniformed appearance for all students.

All students should wear street clothing and shoes over their ballet attire when coming to and from their classes. Extra layers ensure modesty and help muscles warm up and cool down properly. We encourage dancers of all ages to practice this healthy habit.

Clothing should be changed in dressing rooms only, not the lobby or hallways. Ballet shoes cannot be worn outdoors as this tracks dirt into the studio, can compromise the safety of our students and dancers, and is detrimental to the studio floors.

Jewelry, other than small earrings, may not be worn in the studios. Young ladies' hair should be pulled away from the face and secured neatly. 


If you need additional assistance, please contact School of Nashville Ballet at (615) 297-2966 x203 or school@nashvilleballet.com.