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School of Nashville Ballet Mission Statement

School of Nashville Ballet provides exemplary dance education for children, youth and adults. The school is dedicated to human development, inclusivity and excellence in dance through the fundamental foundation of classical ballet, where all students discover and develop an admiration for dance.

About School of Nashville Ballet

School of Nashville Ballet offers world-class dance instruction to ages 2-70 of every experience level. Students can stretch their imaginations in the Children’s Division, nurture their skill and artistry in the Academy Division, let loose and express themselves in Community Division Youth Classes and find their “me” time in Community Division Adult Classes.

School of Nashville Ballet faculty members infuse their diverse professional dance backgrounds into the classroom. Faculty members teach challenging, engaging curriculum designed to inspire and transform students—inside and out.

The reason for entering the studio may differ, but all students leave standing a little taller with more poise, discipline and determination. Whether you are new to dance or aspire to a professional career, School of Nashville Ballet will take you where you want to go—and where you never knew you could. Find out what you can do because of ballet.

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What will you do because of ballet?

After suffering a career-ending injury as a young dancer, Annie Waugh rediscovered ballet as an adult through Nashville Ballet's Community Division Adult Classes. Hear her story in this video about the transformative and healing power of dance.