Nashville Ballet ELEVATE Capital Campaign

Enormous thanks to our ELEVATE donors. All efforts have been made to recognize everyone who has given.

$1,320 AND BELOW (cont'd)

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Corkum and Family

Elizabeth Cormier

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Corts

Julie Countess

Mr. Robert Covington

Ms. Heather Cramsie

Bonne and Gary Crigger

Beth Curley

Mrs. Stephen L. Dalton

Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Darken

Mr. & Ms. Jason Dasal

Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Dauphin

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Manning

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Solorio

David G. Lambert Restricted Foundation

Ms. Donna De Poalo

Mr. Anthony M. Dilucia, Jr.

Ms. Michele Dobay

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Owen

Chandra Douglas

Mr. Damian Drake

Ms. Linda Dyer

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Huffman

Ms. Julia Eisen

Ms. Kathryn Eliason

Ms. Janice Elliott

Dr. Morel Enoch and Mr. E. Howard Harvey

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Shinohara

Julie Eskind

Ms. Jacque Fabian-Brown

Ms. Cassie Fahrney

Ms. Angela Farmer

Charles and Mary Carol Friddell

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Frohsin

Ms. Ellen Gaintner

Ms. Maureen A. Gannon

Ms. Katie Gant

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Troyer

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Spiva

Ms. Theresa P. Godchaux

Ms. Ashley Goldman

Mrs. Molly Golinvaux

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gomez

Gerald and Shelley Gotterer

Dr. Shauna B. Graham

Don and Yvonne Greene

Ms. Elizabeth Hagewood

Ms. Jane D. Haggard

Ms. Barbara Hagood

Ms. Marjorie Haines

Dr. Mary L. Hall

Carolyn, Hartley, and Grace Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Hall

Mrs. Sherry Hanks

Ms. Sadie Bo Harris

Mrs. Karen D. Harris

Janet and Jim Hasson

Mr. Samuel H. Havens

Dr. Celeste Hemingway

Ms. Laura Henry

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Herring

Doug Hester

Mr. & Mrs. John Spaulding Hicks, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. James H. Hogge

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Holland, Jr.

Mr. David Hormby

Mr. Bill Hunt

Mr. John Hutton

Mr. Shane Hutton

Ms. Misty Hyde

Mark and Lindsay Ison

James R. Meadows Jr. Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Berry

Ms. Mary Priestly Jarrard

Jason Beaird

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Casella

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ledbetter

Ms. Donna Sir Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Johnston

Mr. Jim Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gaston

Jonathan Embry

Allison and Greg Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Joey L. Brymer

Mr. Kevin Kaiser

Ms. Kathryn Calhoon and Mr. David Ettinger

Mr. and Mrs. George Sprinkel

Mr. & Mrs. Jon S. Kay

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hunsinger

Mr. David Klements

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Laffer, Jr.

Dane and Dana LaFontsee

Mrs. Jennifer Lankford

Ms. Karen Laufersweiler

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Lefebvre

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Levitan

Ms. Cassandra Liebergen

Mr. and Mrs. Logan R. Heinsch

Mrs. Barbara W. Love

Mr. Robert Loyd

Mr. David Lusk

Ms. Morgan Lyn

Ms. Merry Macivor

Mr. Mark Magnuson

Mr. & Mrs. John Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Musser

Mr. Phillip M. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Hautman

Ms. Dawn Matthies

Ms. Zen Bowers and Mr. Matt Walker

Mr. Ed Mayers


Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDonald

Ms. Marcia McDonald

Ms. Katie McDougall

Ms. Lauren McKirgan

Ms. Keenan McLaren

Ms. Alexandra Meister

Col. and Mrs. William H. Mitchell

Ms. Julia Mitchell

Susan Moll

Mrs. Lise Morrow

Ms. Barbara Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Ross I. Evans, III

Cary and Noel Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson III

Mrs. Adelaide S. Ness

Scott and Leslie Newman

Mr. Mark Allyn Nimmo

Ms. Rachel Norfleet

Mr. Christopher Norton

Ms. Mary Frances Noser

Ms. Lauren Oglesby

Ms. Eunice Park

Paul and Michelle Huffman

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Payne

Mr. and Mrs. Perry B. Gooch

Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Clark

Ms. Evangeline Polan

Anthony Prince and Kendall Stivers

Mr. Jerry Proctor

Ms. Jennifer H. Pruett

Ms. Rachael A. Fajardo and Ms. Kelly L. Padgett

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Regen

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Rice

The Rich Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Bracken, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Deshon

Mr. Daniel W. Richards

Mrs. Briona Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Riddell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ness

Ms. Mary Carolyn Roberts

Ashleigh Harb Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Emeson

Mr. Charles Rose

Christy Rose

Ms. Betty Rourke

Mr. Joe B. Rowland

Ms. Kayla Rowser

Mr. James Ruger

Mr. G. Kyle Rybczyk

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Sandahl

Mrs. Susan Eslick Sandhu

Frank and Janet Sansone

Ms. Mollie Sansone

Mr. Norman Scarborough

Ms. Mary Schaefer

Mr. Nicolas Scheuer

Schneider Electric North America Foundation

Ms. Susan Schulz

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Brian Schultenover

Dr. Stephanie Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Scott

Ms. Heidi Semrau

Ms. Kimberly A. Shadwick

Cathy and Bill Shell

Mr. Wonnie L. Short

Dr. Beth Sjoblom and Mr. Eric Sjoblom

Mr. Brandon Skolnik

Ms. Amy M. Smart

Ms. Jackie Smith

Ms. Jane Smith

Rich and Lucy Smith

Mrs. Barbara Speyer

Alyse Sprintz

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Stadler

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Houff

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Peluso

Ms. Kim Stevens

Ms. Kendra Story

Mr. Chris Stuart

Mr. and Mrs. John Love

Ms. Angie M. Swinford

Yuhong Tao

Mr. Nick Tazik

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence C. Burke

Mr. Kevin M. Terry

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thienel

Mr. Shawn Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thompson

Mr. Owen Thorne

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Todd

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Tompkins

Ms. Caroline T. Trost

Mr. Mitchell W. Turner

Mr. Mark Tye

Ms. Allison Zamorski & Mr. Jon Upleger

Ken and Sandy Upleger

Jane Vandeventer

Ms. Serenity Vanderschoot

Ms. Gail Vandervoort

Ms. Katie Vasilopoulos

Mr. Judson Veach

Ms. Sarah C. Veach

Ms. Tara Verity

Mr. Juan Vigil

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Viner

William W. Wade

Ms. Cathy Werthan

Anne Westfall

Mrs. Eleanor L. Willis

Ms. Arlene D. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Marc O. Wilson

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Wolfe

Ms. Margaret B. Woodruff

Ms. Mary Woodward

Vivian R. and Richard A. Wynn

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy R. Yeager

Ms. Kristin Young

Mr. Nathan Young

Mr. & Mrs. James S. Zamorski

Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos & Ms. Lydia Howarth

Ms. Daniella Zlatarev

$100,000 and above

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cheadle, Jr.

Brownlee Currey Foundation

Laurie and Steven Eskind

The HCA Foundation

James Stephen Turner Charitable Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Martin, Jr.

Martin Foundation

Adrienne and Richard McRae, III

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Tennessee

Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Scott

Mr. & Mrs. James Seabury

Daniel and Lisa Slipkovich

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sohr

Curt and Heather Thorne

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Todd, Jr.

Barbara and Rick Turner




Angie Adams

Belmont University

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

Corner Partnership, LLC

Mrs. Annette S. Eskind

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind

Anna Hemnes and Jacob Schwarz

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Hensler

Jacqueline and Robert Hutton

Ms. Charlyn Jarrells

Ms. Nicole Kidman and Mr. Keith Urban

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Lipman

Mrs. Ellen Harrison Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Howard McLure

The Memorial Foundation

James and Patricia Munro

Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Noel

Gus and Jennifer Puryear

Mr. & Mrs. Ben R. Rechter

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Heller, III

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Spalding

Claire Whitfield Tucker

Paul Vasterling and Jason Facio

Wilt Family Foundation




Mr. and Mrs. C. Dale Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Eastwood, Jr.

Mrs. Jane M. Fabian

Michelle Gaffney

Ms. M.J. Graves

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Hayden

Mr. Neil B. Krugman

Mr. Lannie Walker Neal, Jr.

Regions Financial Corporation

Mary and David Rollins

Dallas H. Wilt



Mrs. James C. Bradford, Jr.

Mr. A. Nelson Carlisle

Mr. and Mrs. Lucius W. Carroll II

Mr. and Mrs. David Lang

Jane and Richard Eskind and Family

Mr. William L. Haralson

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jay Keaton

Lynn & Ken Melkus

Mrs. Jayne Menkemeller

Mr. Donald R. Moody

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Scokin

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Smith

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Sternberg

SunTrust Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ridley Wills III

Samuel M. Fleming Foundation



Kraft CPAs

Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Banker

Jeremiah Beaty

Lisa and Jonathan Cole

Ronald and Brenda Corbin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Dale

James and Maureen Danly

Drs. Leslie Douglas-Churchwell and Keith Churchwell

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Emery

Brian Fitzpatrick

Karyn M. Frist

Gerry and Mary Gale Gaintner

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gold and Family

Elizabeth and Lynn Greer

The Danner Foundation

Mrs. Ashley W. Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Matt A. Holst

Martha and Gavin Ivester

Mr. and Mrs. Roland L. Jones

Mr. Paul H. Kuhn, Jr.

Mr. Robert Lipman

Frances and Eugene Lotochinski

Mr. and Mrs. Walker C. Matthews

McNutt Pediatric Dentistry

The Honorable Gilbert S. Merritt

Ms. Erin B. Mills

Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Richter

Richters Jewelers

Dr. and Mrs. Gregg Shepard

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Sowell

Hope & Howard Stringer

Joyce A. Vise

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wahl

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Weigel

Mr. and Mrs. William Mills



Mr. and Mrs. Chris Thacker

Anita and Don Baltimore

Mr. Russell Bates

Louise B. Wallace Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Crabb III

Dr. James Dedmon

Rosemary Dickerson

Emmely and Michael Duncan

Ms. Amy Eskind

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gallivan, The Gallivan Family Advised Fund of Th

Mr. Amos E. Gott

Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Frederick Horne, Jr.

Dr. Lois Jordan

Kelly Construction

Molly and John Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kestner

Heloise Werthan Kuhn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moses

Rachel Zamata Odom

Ms. Kimberly Perry

Mr. Neil Perry

Mr. Reid Perry

Michael Schlosser & Kerri Cavanaugh

Dr. and Mrs. Steven B Shankle

Mrs. Jack W. Shepherd

W. Lucas Simons

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Spitz

Suburban Asset Management

Bradley D. Wensel



Dr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Mason

Mrs. Hunter Armistead

Mr. and Mrs. Dierks Bentley

Scott and Kristen Davis

Suann and Ralph Davis

Mr. Vincent Dreffs, Jr

Mr. and Mrs. E. Patrick McIntyre

Susan and Frank Hammer

Mr. and Mrs. Houston Howell

Mr. Mark Humphreys

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan M. Schneider

Owen and Amy Joyner

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Sanders

Dr. Mitchell D. Korn

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lefkowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Levine

Joseph and Lynn May Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Rob Ferre

Patricia and Christopher Mixon

Ms. Kathryn Sevier Phillips

Ms. Alena Shostak

Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Thayer

Lori Tigert

Mr. and Mrs. Les Wilkinson

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Williams

Mr. Scott A. Wood


$1,320 and below


Ms. Kate Abrams

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Michael

Leigh and Brewer Adams

Dr. and Mrs. Adrian O. Rodriguez

Mr. & Mrs. T. Clark Akers

Dr. and Mrs. Dave A. Alexander, Jr.

Ms. Nancy S. Ammerman

Vaibhav Anand

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Zenor

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blackmer

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Armistead

Mr. Hunter Armistead, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Brannan Atkinson

Mr. & Mrs. J. Hunter Atkins

Robert and Martha Aus

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Averbuch

Ms. Bridget Balentine

Ms. Jeanette Barker

Mr. and Mrs. David Bartholomew

Ms. Kelley Ann Bell

Betty C. Bellamy

Ms. Susan Bernard

Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Salzberg

Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Boehm

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Bogle III

Mrs. James H. Bond

Mr. James Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Bradbury III

Mr. Brandon C. Cox and Mrs. Shannon M. Wagner

Mr. Robert H. Bransford

Ms. Helen Bransford

Mrs. Helli L. Bransford

Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund

Ms. Kerry Brock

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Broekema

Ms. Sara Broun

Mr. and Ms. Bryan Mosher

Mr. and Mrs. Bryson Evans

Mr. & Mrs. Rawls Butler

Mr. Christopher Butler

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Byrd

C3 Consulting

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers Caldwell

Ms. Kim Cannon

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hodge

Mr. & Mrs. Clay R. Caroland III

Mr. Isaac Castille

Ima Lee Catinna

Dr. Elizabeth Cato

Ms. Sarah Challinor

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Chase

Ms. Caylan Cheadle

Ms. Elizabeth J. Chernau

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wood

Ms. Anne Christeson

Cigna Foundation

Aaron Coffey

Ms. Valorie W. Cole

Mr. Todd Coogen

Kelly Corcoran and Joshua Carter