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Nashville Ballet Standing Ovations!

Many thanks to our Annual Fund donors. All efforts have been made to recognize everyone who has given.

Benefactor's Society

Patron's Society

Ambassador's Circle

Benefactor's Society

Ingram Charitable Fund, Inc.
Ballet Ball 2013
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission

Tennessee Arts Commission

Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund
Friends of Nashville Ballet
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Scott
The Shubert Foundation

The Frist Foundation
Mrs. Annette S. Eskind
Laurie and Steven Eskind
Mr. William L. Haralson
Mrs. Ellen Harrison Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Howard McClure
The Memorial Foundation
The Mall at Green Hills
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sohr

Patrons Society

Platinum Patrons 
Brownlee Currey Foundation 
SunTrust Banks, Inc. 

Gold Patrons

Annie Laurie and Irvin Berry
Caterpillar Financial
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cheadle, Jr.
Dollar General Corporation
Michelle Gaffney
Washington Foundation
The HCA Foundation
Anna Hemnes and Jacob Schwarz
Jacqueline and Robert Hutton
James and Patricia Munro
Mr. Lannie Walker Neal, Jr.
Ryman Hospitality Properties Foundation
Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance
Curt and Heather Thorne
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Todd, Jr.
Barbara and Rick Turner

Silver Patrons

Aladdin Industries Foundation
Bart Bowling
Cracker Barrel Foundation
James and Maureen Danly
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Eastwood, Jr.
Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist
Designated Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
MJ Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jay Keaton
Adrienne and Richard McRae, III
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Spalding
Jane Vandeventer


Mr. and Mrs. J. Brannan Atkinson
Jeremiah Beaty
Mr. and Mrs. Dierks Bentley
Dr. Elizabeth Cato
Ronald and Brenda Corbin
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradford Currie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Dale
Miss Lyndsey B. Davis
Suann and Ralph Davis
Rosemary Dickerson
Drs. Leslie Douglas-Churchwell and Keith Churchwell
Emmely and Michael Duncan
Mrs. Jane M. Fabian
Brian Fitzpatrick
Mary Gale and Gerry Gaintner
Elizabeth and Lynn Greer
Landis B. Gullett Charitable
Lead Annuity Trust
Bud Ireland
Allison and Greg Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kestner
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kirshner
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Lipman
Richard and Sheila McCarty
McNutt Pediatric Dentistry
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kelly, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Odom
Susan and Rick Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus A. Puryear, IV
Ragland Corporation
Mary and David Rollins
Michael Schlosser and Kerri Cavanaugh
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Scott
Dr. and Mrs. Steven B Shankle
Mrs. Jack W. Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Smith
J. T. and Diane Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Thayer
Paul Vasterling and Jason Facio
Joyce A. Vise
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wahl
Bradley D. Wensel
Dallas H. Wilt
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Wolfe

Ambassador's Circle

Anita and Don Baltimore
Jane and Richard Eskind
John and Janet Exton
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gallivan
   The Gallivan Family Advised Fund
   of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Susan and Frank Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. Matt A. Holst
Audrey and Frank Jones
Frances and Eugene Lotochinski
Newt and Jill Ogden
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Schoettle
Kent and Karen Weeks
The Westerfield Family
Vivian R. and Richard A. Wynn

Betty C. Bellamy
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Berezov
Mr. and Mrs. Lucius W. Carroll, II
John and Laura Cash
Ms. Anne Christeson
Ms. Kimberly Darlington
Dr. Morel Enoch and Mr. E. Howard
Harvey Philip and Kathy Ganske
Mr. Amos E. Gott
Dr. and Mrs. J. Brevard Haynes
Carlene Hunt
Mark and Lindsay Ison
Martha and Gavin Ivester
Anne Knauff
Ms. Stephanie L. Knight and Dr. Richard A. Duschl
Dr. Mitchell D. Korn
Sonya and Gerald Looney
Elizabeth and Samuel Marney, Jr.
Mr. James S. Mathis
Karen and Scott McKean
Dr. Megan Parker Peters
Mrs. Joan Pinkley
Jim Robert and Gary Stewart
Sandra Schatten Foundation
Dr. Stephanie Schultz
Alix Weiss Sharp
Mr. and Dr. Eric Sjoblom
Judith M. Smythe
Ms. Lori E. Stuart
Ms. Elizabeth G. Tannenbaum
The Dutch Touch Painting, Inc.
Lori Tigert
Ken and Sandy Upleger
Square D Foundation
Mr. Wonnie L. Short

Mr. Austin Agee
Ms. Carroll Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Allison, Jr.
Mr. James E. Anneken
Mrs. Virginia T. Baka
Mrs. Natalie A. Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bass, II
Teresa Blades
Ms. Edith M. Bluhm
Ms. Merle Born
Mr. Leonard Folgarait and Ms. Yvonne Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Brady
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Broome
Mrs. Faye M. Brown
Dr. Kelly M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Bryan
Mr. Daniel Butts
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Byl
Mr. Kevin Caldwell
Kathryn Calhoon
Ms. Rebecca Calvin
Ms. Susan D. Campbell
Ms. Joya Caryl
Dr. Danielle Cataxinos
Ms. Sarah Challinor
Ms. Gina Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Chickey
Mrs. Barbara J. Clift
Mrs. Miranda J. Cohen
Ms. Frances A. Cone
Ms. Jan Gressman and Ms. Jackie Corbin
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Corchado
Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Corkum
Dr. Theron Corse
Ms. Misty M. Cotten
Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Crigger
Mrs. Patricia D'alessandro
Ms. Katie Davis
Mr. Joseph Davis
Mrs. Kristen R. Davis
Mrs. Kelly Dayton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward De Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Dewitt, Jr.
Linda Dicken
Ms. Linda Dobbins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dusek
Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Elliott
Ms. Julie B. Eskind
Mrs. Vicki Evans
Ms. Nancy C. Ezell
Mrs. Amy Fair
Ms. Brittany E. Faircloth
Dr. and Mrs. Rob Ferre
Ms. Holly M. Florence
Ms. Anita Fowler
Dr. and Dr. Jon Freels 

Ms. Linda Frihart
Dr. and Mrs. Alex B. Fruin
Mr. and Mrs. L. Wilford Fuqua
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Fyfe
Ms. Rebecca J. Gailmard
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Gaus
Mrs. Sue H. Geier
Mr. Ted M. George
Ms. Molly Gibbons
Mr. Bradford Gioia
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Gotterer
Mrs. Kim C. Grom
Shirley Guerrero and Shirley Borloz
Dr. and Mrs. Raul J. Guzman
Ms. Kathleen Hagan
Mr. and Mrs. T. Hartley Hall, V
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hannon
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rodes Hart, Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Doug Havron
Dr. Katherine T. Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Hickerson, III
Ms. Kim Hillsman
Mr. Hans W. Honegger
Ms. Mona A. Hudgins
Mr. and Mrs. Britt Hunt
Mr. James Evans and Ms. Krista Jakubowski
Claire Jarrett
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Johnston
Mrs. and Mr. James Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Roland L. Jones
Mr. Jay Joyner
Ms. Lynda Kelly
Ms. Courtney Kihlberg
Bethani Kincaid
Brooke King
Mrs. and Mr. Melissa Y. Koehn
Mr. and Mrs. Gus D. Kuhn, III
Marcelle Ladd
Mr. and Mrs. James Lavella
Dr. Eric Leaver and Dr. Stephanie Morgan
Dr. Jeri L. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Lefebvre
Mr. Jason Lesnick
Ms. Tracey Liverman
Mrs. Barbara W. Love
Mr. Claude Mack, III
Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Magli
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Manning
Ms. Charlotte A. Martin
Mr. Greg McClarin
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. McSeveney
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miller-Mclemore
Mr. Trent and Dr. Kara S. Mitchell
Gail Molen
Susan Moll
Ms. Heather Mosher
Ms. Lindsey R. Mossman
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Noel E. Nelson
Ms. Alice Nichols and Ms. Sharon Burns
Mr. Christopher Norton
Mrs. Mary Norton
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Oates
Ms. Sandy Obodzinski
Ms. Patricia J. Olsen
Ms. Amelia Ong
Mr. J D. Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Panagopoulos
Ms. Charlotte A. Parker
Ms. Joe-Anna V. Parker
Wanda Peavy
Mr. Norman Potoksky
Mr. Anthony H. Prince and Mrs. Kendall F. Stivers
Jennifer Hayden Pruett
Rebecca Ratz
Melissa and Wade Rick
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Roland
Mr. David M. Roland
Ms. Sonia L. Rolling
Ms. Betty Rourke
Nathan Rush
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Sachs
Dr. and Mrs. Steven B Shankle
Mrs. Bernadette V. Shaw
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg C. Shepard
Dr. and Mrs. Kent C. Shih
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Shockley
Ms. Amanda A. Shouse
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Slater
Mrs. Susan Smith
Mrs. Barbara Speyer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stack
Mrs. Sarah F. Stamps
Lorna Stevens
Mr. Jeff Stovall
Ms. Catherine Strickland
Mrs. Gratia Strother
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sundar
Mr. Tuan Ta
The Eden Foundation The Jewish Foundation of Nashville
Dr. Lora Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thompson
Mr. John W. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. James Tokarski
Mrs. Martha J. Trammell
Mr. William Jones and Mr. Robert Turner
Ms. Mavis M. Turner
Ms. Paula Varnell
Dr. Joseph Wehrmeyer and Ms. Cheryl Lankhaar
Ms. Melanie Wells
Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Wendel
Ms. Anne M. Westfall
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Williams
Mrs. Dana Windrow
Mr. Jonathan Wing
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wolfe
Mr. David Wright and Ms. Maryjane Turbett
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wyss
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Zamorski