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Advanced Levels - 4 & 5

The Advanced Levels are geared towards students who want to engage in a serious study of classical ballet and are willing to adhere to a demanding schedule of ballet technique and pointe work five to six days a week. This program is specifically designed for dedicated students from ages 13 to 18.  

Students expand upon established ballet vocabulary while honing their artistry. Rehearsals and additional studies in contemporary and conditioning prepare students for the possibility of pursuing a career in dance or entering a university dance program. All students have mid-year evaluations, exams and an end of year performance. 

To enroll in an Advanced Level, interested students must take a placement class. To schedule a placement class and learn more about our Academy, please contact School Registrar Laura Henry at 615-297-2966 x 33.

Please note that Level placement is at the discretion of our faculty and the School Dean. Each student is thoroughly evaluated and placed appropriately in order to ensure successful progression throughout his/her studies.