Nashville Ballet is immensely grateful for its Benefactor’s Society members, Ambassador’s Society members, Ballet Ball 2016 supporters and in-kind donations. All efforts have been made to recognize everyone who has given (4/1/2016 to 5/10/2017).


Ballet Ball 2017

Ingram Charitable Fund, Inc.

Mrs. Martha Rivers Ingram

Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission

Phase 3 Marketing and Communications


$50,000 - $99,999

Susan Underwood Physical Therapy

Tennessee Arts Commission


$20,000 - $49,999


Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund

Climb Nashville

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradford Currie

Maureen and James Danly

Dedmon Chiropractic

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Laurie and Steven Eskind

Mrs. Ellen Harrison Martin

Mrs. J. Ronald Scott and The Late Ronnie Scott

The Shubert Foundation

Heather and Curt Thorne


$10,000 - $19,999


Benefits, Inc.

Mr. Lance Bloom and Ms. Brittany Denham

Richard and Judith Bracken

Caterpillar Financial

Corner Partnership, LLC

Brownlee Currey Foundation

Dollar General Corporation

Mrs. Annette S. Eskind

Ben Folds

Friends of Nashville Ballet

The Frist Foundation

Mr. William L. Haralson

HCA/TriStar Health

Mr. Mark Humphreys

Ingram Industries

Mr. and Mrs. Roland L. Jones

Karen and Sylvain Lapointe

Lipman Brother

The Mall at Green Hills

Mr. and Mrs. Howard McLure

The Memorial Foundation

James and Patricia Munro

Publix Super Markets Charities

Gus and Jennifer Puryear

Simply Balanced

Daniel and Lisa Slipkovich

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sohr

The Julia Carell Stadler Foundation

SunTrust Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Turner, Jr.

Union Station Hotel

Robert K. and Anne H. Zelle Fund for Fine and Performing Arts


$5,000 - $9,999


Annie Laurie Berry

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Community Trust

Mr. Charlie B. Carlisle and Mrs. Anissa Nelson-Carlisle


The Honorable Karl F. Dean and Ms. Delta Anne Davis

Caroline and Rascoe Dean

Element Salon

Karyn M. Frist

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Hayden

The HCA Foundation

Anna Hemnes and Jacob Schwarz

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Hensler

Martha and Gavin Ivester

Ms. Charlyn Jarrells

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Mahanes III

Adrienne and Richard McRae, III

Nashville Predators Foundation

Regions Financial Corporation

Mary and David Rollins

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Sowell

Julie and George Stadler

SunTrust Bank

Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance

Mr. Louis Todd, Jr.

UBS Financial Services

Vanderbilt University


Washington Foundation

Dallas H. Wilt


$2,500 - $4,999

Aladdin Industries Foundation


Mrs. Meera Ballal and Dr. Seenu Reddy

The Bank of Nashville

Bart Bowling

Tim Broekema

CapStar Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Lucius W. Carroll II

Dr. Elizabeth Cato

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cheadle, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Crumbo

Cumberland Trust and Investment Co.

The Danner Foundation

Suann and Ralph Davis

Erie Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Eastwood, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Eskind

Brian Fitzpatrick

Lisa and Michael French

Patricia C. and Thomas F. Frist

MJ Graves and Clarke Gallivan

Elizabeth and Lynn Greer

Janet and Jim Hasson

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Heller, III

Mr. and Mrs. B. Hunter Hill

Carlene Hunt

Jay Joyner and Joyner Hogan Printing

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Ketchel III

Karyn Kipley Photography

Mr. Neil B. Krugman and Ms. Lee Pratt

Ms. Natalie Levy-Sousan

Lewis Thomason King and Krieg

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Lipman

Mr. Donald R. Moody and Ms. Tyler L. Riggins

Dr. Roger E. Moore and Mr. G. Brian Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Peluso

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Sandahl

Michael Schlosser and Kerri Cavanaugh

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Scokin

Mr. and Mrs. James Seabury

Dr. and Mrs. Steven B Shankle

Siegenthaler Public Relations

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Spalding

Ms. Angie M. Swinford

Lori Tigert

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Todd

Sean C. Kelly and Patricia A. Todd

U.S. Bank Foundation

U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Jane Vandeventer

Mr. and Mrs. Bart E. Verhulst

Volkswagen of Cool Springs

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wahl

Wells Fargo

Bradley D. Wensel


$1,000 - $2,499


Mr. and Mrs. John Abbott

Mrs. Hunter Armistead

Brannan and Amy Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. John Barker

Jeremiah Beaty

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Berry

Mrs. James C. Bradford, Jr.

Ann and Frank Bumstead

John Carter Cash

Caterpillar Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clayton

Dr. Aaron Coffey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Corcoran

Bonne and Gary Crigger

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Dasal

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dennis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dixon

Emmely and Michael Duncan

Mr. Michael Fluck

Margaret and Robert Gibbons

Google, Inc.

Doug and Rose Grindstaff

Barbara and Greg Hagood

Dr. and Mrs. J. Brevard Haynes

Dr. Celeste Hemingway

Mrs. Ashley W. Henry

Michael D. Hill, M.D.

Mr. David Hormby

Ms. Laura E. Hutfless

Jacqueline and Robert Hutton


Bud Ireland

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Lipscomb Jarman

Owen and Amy Joyner

$1,000 - $2,499 (cont'd)

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kirshner

Frances and Eugene Lotochinski

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Manning

Dr. and Mrs. Steven V. Manoukian

Richard and Sheila McCarty

Mr. and Mrs. M. F. McNamara III

The Honorable Gilbert S. Merritt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moses

Dr. Clint Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Noel

Noteable Blends, Kristen and Scott Davis

Mr. and Mrs. James Pardo

Pinnacle Financial Partners

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Powers

Adam Ragauskis

Red Light Management

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Reisner

Mr. and Mrs. D. Tate Rich

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Richter

Anne and Charles Roos

Dr. Norm Scarborough and Ms. Kimberly Hewell

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Schoettle

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Scott

Ms. Kimberly Shadwick

Irvin and Beverly Small Foundation

J.T. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Speyer

Noelle and John Tabor

William and Rebecca Taylor

Tinney Contemporary

Josh and Brooke Trusley

Sandy and Jack Tyrrell

Ken and Sandy Upleger

Paul Vasterling and Jason Facio

Verchota Floors Inc.

Village Real Estate Services


Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Welch

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Williams

Mr. Scott A. Wood

Manuel Zeitlin Architects


$500 - $999

Angie Adams

AmazonSmile Foundation

Hope Anderson

Anita and Don Baltimore

Ms. Jeanette Barker

Mrs. Patricia F. Belcher

Betty C. Bellamy

Ms. Shirley Blackburn

Blackbaud Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. P. James Brady III

Kathy Callaghan and Wayne Edwards

Drs. Ravi Chari and Sharon Albers

Lisa and Jonathan Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jackson Dale III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Dale

Mr. R. Allen DeCuyper

The Eden Foundation

Mr. Patrick Emery

The Jane and Richard Eskind and Family Foundation

The Farmer's Florist

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gold and Family

Ms. Sammie Griffin

Dr. Morel Enoch Harvey

Mrs. Lisa Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. M. Wright Hickerson, III

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hicks

Mr. and Mrs. Houston Howell

J. Michaels Clothiers

Audrey and Frank Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jay Keaton

Mr. and Mrs. Clint Kelly

Ms. Stephanie L. Knight and Dr. Richard A. Duschl

Linda R. Koon

Heloise Werthan Kuhn

Mr. Paul H. Kuhn, Jr.

Alicia Leadford

Ms. Ellen Lehman

Kenneth and Bev Leiser

John and Wendy Leonard

Dr. Michel McDonald and Mr. Ward Pace

Mrs. Laura and Mr. Thomas Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Nelson

Newt and Jill Ogden

Susan and Rick Oliver

Dr. Christopher Ott

Ms. Arnita Long and Mr. Tim Ozgener

Dr. Megan Parker Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pereira

Mrs. Mary Sarratt Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. M. Cameron Plato

Sharon and Douglas Pugh

Mr. G. Kyle Rybczyk

Sandra Schatten

Alix Weiss Sharp

Mrs. Judy F. Simmons

Victoria and John Slater

Ray D. Smith and Mike H. Johnson

Rich and Lucy Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Smothers

Mr. Seth Sparkman in Memory of Ms. Catherine Fleming

Ms. Leigh A. Strickland and Mr. Shane A. Hutton

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Swarting

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Turner, Jr.

Union Common

Joyce A. Vise in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Vasterling

William W. Wade

Andrew and Alice Wall

Mimi Wallace and Marian Harrison

Joni Werthan

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Wolfe

Mrs. Martin Zeitlin


$250 - $499


Stephen Abelman and Robin Holab-Abelman

Mr. and Mrs. T. Clark Akers

Brandee Anderson and Andrew Commiskey

Carol Arendall

The Michael Austin Family

Mr. and Mrs. John Bearden

Best Brands

Mr. Charles C. Blackburn and The Honorable Marsha Blackburn

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Bunting

Mr. Robert H. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Rawls Butler

Carden Avenue

Barbara and Eric Chazen

Chef's Market Catering and Restaurant

Ms. Elizabeth J. Chernau

Ms. Anne Christeson

Chase Cole

Ms. Valorie W. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Covington

Ms. Kelly Pappas Crockett

John and Janet Exton

Susan Fleschner

Mr. Fletcher Foster

Dr. and Mrs. A. Fruin

Jeannie and Alan Gaus

Molly and Nicholas Golinvaux

Mr. Michael B. Goodloe

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Gordon

Mr. Chris Guthrie & Mrs. Tracey George

Mr. and Mrs. James Haltom

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Hand

Haymakers and Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Hill

Ms. Mari-Kate Hopper

The Hunt Company

Michael Doochin and Linda Kartoz-Doochin

Lynda J. Kelly

Anne Knauff

Marianne and Charles Leach

Emily Leonard and Sloane Southard

Andree A. Lequire

Lindt Chocolate

Eunice Park and Eric Liu

Elizabeth and Samuel Marney, Jr.

Karen and Scott McKean

McNutt Pediatric Dentistry

Mrs. Jayne Menkemeller

Col. and Mrs. William H. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Nelson

Mr. Chris F. Pair

Randy And Jana Parham Charitable Fund in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Vasterling and in Honor of Ms. Linda Dyer

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Pass

Dr. C. Wright Pinson

George Ritzen

Dr. Stephanie Schultz

Mrs. Herb Shayne

Marc Siegel

Gabriel Smith

Dr. Kara Smith

Kent and Karen Weeks

Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Wendel

Ms. Cathy Werthan

Westerfield Family

Mr. William H. Woerner

Vivian R. and Richard A. Wynn

Donna and Jim Zamorski

$100 - $249


Mrs. Karen Ahern

Carolyn D. Akins

Stephen and Jennifer Aleman

Clara and Fred Allison

Vaibhav Anand

Mr. Dudley Baker

Anita and Don Baltimore in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd and Mr. J. Ronald Scott

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barton III

Mr. and Mrs. John Bearden in Memory of Mr. Brian Ward

Dr. Lisa A. Beavers and Dr. Shawn Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Beck

Ms. Laura F. Beene in Memory of Catherine Fleming

Dr. Ray J. Begay

Dr. and Mrs. Brian S. Biesman

Ms. Shirley Blackburn in Memory of Mrs. Claudette Sisk

Highland Garden Club in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Ms. Rebecca Bowden

Pat Bright in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Louie Phillips Buntin

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Burch in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Rawls Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Caldwell, Jr. in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Ms. Kathryn Calhoon and Mr. David Ettinger

Ima Lee Catinna

Ms. Phila Chandler

Mr.and Mrs. John R. Cheadle, Jr. in Memory of Mrs. Jane Fabian, Mr. J. Ronald Scott, Mrs. Claudette Sisk and Mrs. Patricia Todd

Gail Chickey

Children's Corner Store in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Ms. Anne Christeson

Robert and Donna Cochran, Jr. in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mrs. Jesse Overton Colton

Elizabeth Cormier

Mr. Robert Covington

Bonne and Gary Crigger in Memory of Mrs. Jane Fabian and Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mr. Tony Crudele

Brownlee Currey Foundation in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Dale in Memory of Mr. J. Ronald Scott and Mrs. Patricia Todd

Suann and Ralph Davis in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Vasterling

Mr. Daniel C. Deckbar in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Delek Fund For Hope

Mr. and Mrs. Ward Dewitt, Jr.

Rosemary Dickerson

Ms. Linda Dobbins

Mr. Martin Donner

Ms. Sondra Dowd

Janet and Craig Edwards

Ms. Caroline Edwards

Ms. Angela Elliott

Elaine Eskind

Julie Eskind

The Steven and Laurie Eskind Family Foundation in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Dr. Jan Van Eys

Steve and Kate Ezell

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Foster

Cathey and Wilford Fuqua

Kathleen Glaser

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gold and Family

Gerald and Shelley Gotterer

Ms. Carolyne B. Hadden

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hannon

Dr. Morel Enoch Harvey in Memory of Mr. J. Ronald Scott, Mrs. Patricia Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Togue Uchida and Mrs. Patricia Vasterling

Dr. Melinda J. Haws in Memory of Catherine Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Heard

Ms. Mary B. Hedge

Heil Raefsky Donor Advised Fund

Mrs. Rebecca Herrington

Robert and Tricia Hiers

Ms. Krystal J. Hillsman

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hoffman III in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Hooker

Ms. Rene Houghland

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Johnston

Mrs. Katherine O. Jones in Memory of Mrs. Claudette Sisk

Ms. Leila M. Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Josephson in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Vance Kekoa

Lissa and Jim Kelley

Mr. James King

Linda R. Koonin Memory of Mr. J. Ronald Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Laffer, Jr. in Memory of Mrs. Claudette Sisk

Ms. Martha Olsen and Mr. Larry Larkin in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Brian and Melissa Laskaris

Mr. and Mrs. James and Stevie Lavella

Marianne and Charles Leach in Memory of Mrs. Jane Fabian

Ms. Ellen Lehman

Mrs. Mayra Lehman-Grimes

Martha K. Levin in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Dr. and Mrs. MacRae F. Linton

Mrs. Barbara W. Love

Mrs. Kathy MacLachlan

Mrs. Betty Maddinin Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marchetti

Ms. Rachel Matz

Ed and Phyllis Mayers

Ms. Jennifer Kimball and Mr. Robert L. McDill

Karen and Scott McKean

Cary and Noel Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Noonan in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Ms. Martina Okwueze

Ms. Ellen O'Neal

Mrs. Susan Overholser in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Ms. Charlotte Parker

Peabody Corner Marketplace

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pinkston in Memory of Mrs. Claudette Sisk

Mr. and Mrs. John Poucher

Mrs. and Mr. Lisa D. Purcell

Ms. Robin M. Rains

John and Susan Ratcliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Reeves in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mary and David Rollins in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rouch

Ms. Betty Rourke

Dr. Samuel A. Santoro and Dr. Mary Zutter

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Schick

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Schlater in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Leigh Shanor

Cathy and Bill Shell

Sandra Shelton in Memory of Mr. Ted W. Davis, Jr.

Marc Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Simmons

Victoria and John Slater

Mrs. Barbara Speyer

Sarah Stamps

Mr. Jeffery R. Steele and Mr. Douglas A. Lesky

Mrs. Kathy Steinberg

Dr. W. David Strayhorn in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Lisa Thomas

Chris and Allison Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Thornburg in Memory of Mrs. Claudette Sisk

Heather and Curt Thorne in Memory of Mr. J. Ronald Scott and Mrs. Patricia Todd

Donna and Harvey Tokarski

Kenneth and Linda Tomlinson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter van Lingen

Eric and Caroline Vasterling

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Walker

Anne Bransford Wallace in Memory of Mr. J. Ronald Scott and Mrs. Patricia Todd

Dr. Stacia and Mr. Cody Watkins

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Watson

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin D. West

Anne Westfall

Ms. Arlene D. Wilson

K. Janelle Wilson

Jeffrey Wilson in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Mr. William H. Woerner

Mr. and Mrs. Emmons H. Woolwine III

Ms. Susan Wright in Memory of Mrs. Patricia Todd

Li Xu in Memory of Catherine Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Zerfoss III