School of Nashville Ballet offers a variety of dance classes just for boys. Classes are taught by male teachers for male students pinpointing age-appropriate skills, allowing them to grow both as dancers and young men. Team-building and high-energy activities are major areas of focus in boys classes.

School of Nashville Ballet is currently enrolling for Fall 2017. Select a program below to enroll. For assistance, please contact School of Nashville Ballet at (615) 297-2966 x203 or

Just for Boys:


Boys Club explores the athletic side of dance and creative movement. Young gentlemen burn energy as they march, gallop, kick, punch and leap their way to imaginary lands filled with superheroes, pirates and knights. Each child learns musicality, rhythm and coordination while developing an appreciation for active lifestyles and healthy habits. Boys Club is separated into two age groups and time lengths designed to highlight age-specific milestones. Boys Club is offered in the Children’s Division. Click here for more information on the Children’s Division, including attire.

Young Men's Scholarship Program - Ages 6-18

Male and female dancers require different skills to perform different roles, so why should their training all be the same? Nashville Ballet’s Young Men’s Scholarship Program offers specialized training for young men, tailored to their unique needs and taught by men. Working together, male dancers push themselves and each other in a supportive environment that centers on athleticism, strength, camaraderie and discipline.

Enrollment is offered on an annual basis. All students receive one full academic year of tuition-FREE training, followed by merit-based scholarships.

Additional dance options:

Boys 8-18 are encouraged to explore additional dance styles like jazz, musical theater and hip hop offered in our Community Division—Youth Classes. Click here for more information on Community Division—Youth Classes, including attire.

Jazz - Ages 8+


Students learn rhythm, coordination and “all that jazz” while dancing to today’s popular music. These classes offer a great opportunity to enhance their movement style, let loose and just have fun. Classes are tailored to specific age groups and offer a chance to explore jazz elements and Fosse-inspired moves as well as high-energy, fast-paced activities.





Express yourself as you learn energetic, challenging movement in an inspired atmosphere. Students’ hearts will be pumping to exciting choreography and rhythmic music designed to tap into their creative, expressive sides.



Musical Theater - Ages 12+

Students will learn the choreography from their favorite Broadway shows. Plus, they’ll find out how to channel the personas of some of Broadway’s most notable characters. This class is perfect for students looking to master their role in the school play, develop their stage presence and become more comfortable combining movement with acting.


If you need additional assistance, please contact School of Nashville Ballet at (615) 297-2966 x203 or