I moved to the School of Nashville Ballet for all my training after my Summer Intensive experience. It provided me with a full dance education with a great foundation in pure ballet. It also trained me to be versatile, which is probably the most important skill a dancer can have to really make it as a professional.
— Alex MacFarlan, Soloist at Ballet West

Additional Audition Options

In Class Audition at the martin center for Nashville Ballet

  • Contact the Youth Programs Coordinator at (615)-297-2966 x204 to audition during an Academy class. In class auditions are by appointment only and subject to scheduling availability.
  • Bring the following to your audition:
  1. $30 audition fee
  2. Resume (for NB2 candidates only)
  3. Headshot
  4. Photo in first arabesque (en pointe for women)


Video Audition

Submission deadline March 15, 2018

  • Send a DVD or online video link of barre, center and pointe work. Only one side of an exercise is necessary and submissions should not exceed 20 minutes in length. All submissions should have musical accompaniment. When submitting a DVD or online link, please send the following to Nashville Ballet:

  1. $35 Audition Fee
  2. Resume (for NB2 candidates only)
  3. Headshot
  4. Photo in first arabesque (en pointe for women)

Nashville Ballet - School Associate
ATTN: Summer Intensive Auditions
3630 Redmon Street
Nashville, TN 37209

DVD or YouTube auditions will not be considered without all materials submitted.

Dancers who audition by video may be asked to visit Nashville for the artistic staff to evaluate them in person. If asked to travel to Nashville or an open call audition, the audition fee will be waived. Dancers will receive an official response email within two weeks of audition or receipt of materials. Photos and DVDs become property of Nashville Ballet and will not be returned. 


Please contact the School Associate by clicking here or call (615) 297-2966 x910.